Mo 3 short answers

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Mo 3 short answers

How much time can a player take to line up his ball and then make a putting stroke? We have a player in our group who looks at his putt from 50 different angles a[nd] it seems like he takes 5 minutes before he put[t]s his ball. It is very frustrating.

Hi Tim, There is no rule about an exact amount of time, just that a player may not "unduly delay play" and that the time limits may be set by the committee of the competition. In the case of your casual play the "committee" would be your group as a whole, no? So if it bothers all of you try penalizing him in accordance with rule and see how that goes over - heh heh heh.

Also see rules questions. Thanks for visiting PGAProfessional. August 27, What are the benefits of a forward press before taking the club away? I'm looking for a "trigger" to get the swing started. Hi Peter, A forward press is as good a 'trigger' as any.

All you're really looking for is something to get the movement going. Some people do their forward presses with just the arms, while others use more of their whole body.


There is really no right or wrong, as long as you can repeat it. But I would generally suggest keeping the movements small rather than large. August 11, Mo 3 short answers lot of golfers throw grass up in the air just before they hit the ball. Since the ball is coming off the club face at 75 to miles per hours, the practice seems irrelevant because of the speed of the ball Or am I missing something?

Hi Frank, The wind definitely has a huge impact on ball flight though probably not much at the very beginning of the flight. What you really need, of course, is to know the exact wind speed and direction all along the trajectory of the shot in order to attempt to allow for it.

But since you can't get that information you look at trees, flags, and you throw bits of grass up into the air to get a sense of the average wind speed and direction at least in your immediate vicinity, in the case of throwing up the grass.

That much information is better than nothing. In the end adjusting for wind is a guess based on experience and feel. July 21, Practicing with instruction mirrors, I realized my shaft angle on my driver at address was quite different than my irons. Should all clubs have the same shaft angle? Hi Mike, No, the length of the club dictates the plane: The photo on the right shows the general idea.

I'm holding a 8 iron, a 5 iron and a 3 wood.

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If you are talking about the face-on view the answer would still be no: July 7, I see it all the time that when a player holes out from the fairway or a hole in one the player will leave the flag in and reach down and remove the ball from the hole.

Is there a reason or a rule that prevents them from taking the flag out of the hole? Hi Ken, No, a ball is holed when all of it is below the top of the cup. But sometimes when you try to remove the flagstick with the ball in the hole it yanks the hole liner up and could damage the hole, so it's just safer to take the ball out first.

People also ask if there is a rule that specifies that you must remove the flag before removing the ball, and somehow that belief gets perpetuated. At this point I've heard it so many times that now I even seem to remember that many years ago there used to be a rule that said that if the ball came out of the hole when you removed the flagstick then it was not holed But that's most likely the effect of repetitive suggestion, or a remnant from before my frontal cortex reached its full development, or from when I was accidentally in that parallel universe, etc.

Let me know if you find out anything interesting. June 28, Is it necessary to take a divot when swinging irons? I tend to sweep the ball and not take any divots.

Hi Joseph, Helpful might be a better word than necessary for what you are getting at. At more advanced levels, better compression, more distance, finer control and the ability to make good contact from all surfaces is achievable by having the bottom of your swing in the right place and taking a divot with the irons.Several templates on this page are developed only for SMART Notebook Software If you are still running SMART Notebook Software older than , I would recommend upgrading to the newer version of SMART Notebook SMS (short message service) is a text messaging service component of most telephone, internet, and mobile-device systems.

It uses standardized communication protocols to enable mobile devices to exchange short text messages. An intermediary service can facilitate a text-to-voice conversion to be sent to landlines.


SMS was the most widely used data application, with an estimated billion. Base Awards From A Fly Ball Thrown Out Of Play. Bob asks. The runner on 1st leads off and the batter bunts the ball.

The pitcher catches it in the air and throws to 1st but the ball goes out of play. Thank you for visiting our site! Below you will be able to find all today's: Crosswords with Friends November 13 Answers.

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Mo 3 short answers

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