Key managerial dimensions that promote effective research

Introduction To many, leaders are not born, but made. It is increasingly accepted, however, that in order to be a good leader, one must have the experience, knowledge, commitment, patience, and most importantly the skill to negotiate and work with others to achieve goals. Good leaders are thus made, not born. He stated that the basis of a good leadership is strong character and selfless devotion to an organization Jenkins,

Key managerial dimensions that promote effective research

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Extremely complex health care organizations, by their structure and organization, operate in a constantly changing business environment, and such situation implies and requires complex and demanding health management.

Therefore, in order to manage health organizations in a competent manner, health managers must possess various managerial skills and be familiar with problems in health care.

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Research, identification, analysis, and assessment of health management education and training needs are basic preconditions for the development and implementation of adequate programs to meet those needs.

Along with other specific activities, this research helped to determine the nature, profile, and level of top-priority needs for education. The need for knowledge of certain areas in health management, as Key managerial dimensions that promote effective research as the need for mastering concrete managerial competencies has been recognized as top-priorities requiring additional improvement and upgrading.

In majority of institutions, a low number of health managers consider that they are adequately prepared through their formal education for the career of a competent health manager 1.

Although there is a low consensus on the set of basic competences and skills required of health managers, nobody questions the necessity of additional academic improvement and professional development for a competent performance of managerial functions in an extremely complex and dynamic environment such as health care 23.

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This research aims to provide ground for a further discussion on numerous factors related to continuous education and professional development of health managers, primarily based on their personal attitudes and perceptions.

The questionnaire, accompanied by detailed methodological instructions, was e-mailed, faxed or posted to the managers. This questionnaire consists of several modules and it significantly facilitates collection, entry, processing and analysis of the data. This model represents a comprehensive, holistic model of all the managerial skills and competences which can be used in the existing managerial position, as follows: Four main types of health care management skills 1.

This type of skill is composed of three categories of skills, including: Ability to be self-conscious, to accurately assess themselves, have an understanding for others, facilitate communication, collaboration and working with teams.

Ability to establish and promote relations, helping others to get the opportunity to grow, ability to lead groups and teach others. The other main type of skills that job may require is information management and these perceptual skills enables us to collect, organize and interpret information.

And this type of skill is composed of three categories of skills, including: The ability of understanding and awareness of organizational events, listening with an open mind, and understanding the sources of obtaining and information exchange.

Ability to assimilate information from various sources, discovering their meaning and interpretation of specialized technical information for the purpose of communication and general use. Also the group of analytical skill is composed of three categories of skills, including: The ability of seeing things from a broader perspective, conceptualizing, set theory, predicting the future and developing long-term plans.

And this type of skills is composed of three categories of skills: Ability to identify goals and standards, the distribution of personnel and resources, and to evaluate performance.

Key managerial dimensions that promote effective research

The ability to dedicate the achievement of the objectives, work in conditions of limited resources, respect of deadlines, routing the others and efficiency. These four types of skills with subgroups contained in it, creating the universe of skills that may be required for the managerial job.

The differences found between the level of importance and priority of skills offered or activities that require a certain capacity, and level of skills that currently have the managers are top-priority issues, which require additional health management education and training in order to enable health managers to perform their roles in a more competent and high-quality manner.

The whole sample included health managers, divided by the level of health care as follows: Primary health care — directors of health centers; 63 managers interviewed, Secondary health care — directors of cantonal, general and specialized hospitals ; 12 managers interviewed, Tertiary level — directors of clinical centers and directors of clinics 67 managers interviewed.WHITE PAPER — NINE BEST PRACTICES FOR EFFECTIVE TALENT MANAGEMENT 3 2.

Talent is a rapidly increasing source of value creation. The financial value of. These Leadership and Management training courses develop and enhance the hard and soft skills of your leaders, including delegation, constructive feedback, managing expectations, and handling change.

Leadership is both a research area and a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual or organization to "lead" or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations.

Key managerial dimensions that promote effective research

[citation needed] Specialist literature debates various viewpoints, contrasting Eastern and Western approaches to leadership, and also (within the West) United States versus European approaches. "Key Managerial Dimensions That Promote Effective Research" Essays and Research Papers Key Managerial Dimensions That Promote Effective Research Managerial Decision Making & Research Design Unit 1 Individual Project 1 Mgt A Business Research for Decision Making AIU Online January 8, ABSTRACT .

Enterprise Key Management Market, By Services Types (Managed services and Professional Services), Deployment Type (Cloud, On-Premises), Organization Size (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and. Exploring Four Dimensions of Online Instructor Roles: A Program Level Case Study 31 effective online discussion by weaving statements and relating them to relevant concepts and theories so as to enable the development of ideas through collaborative discourse.

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