Hobos the great american men essay

When in town, always respect the local law and officials, and try to be a gentleman at all times. Always try to find work, even if temporary, and always seek out jobs nobody wants. By doing so you not only help a business along, but ensure employment should you return to that town again. When no employment is available, make your own work by using your added talents at crafts.

Hobos the great american men essay

Contact Author Hobo Joe went this way If you saw this carved or scrawled along the trail, you would know that "Joe" went this way Source Signs of the times The early s were a time of displacement of overpeople in the U.

Many became Hobos and became a migrant society seeking work as they criss-crossed the country. The most common routes followed the railway lines and it was often a dangerous and meager lifestyle. Hobos communicated to one another by carving or drawing symbols on trees, post, bridges, and even houses to both offer directional guidance and warnings of what lay ahead.

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What follows are 60 of the most common along with the message behind them. Hobo Symbols 1 - 20 Source miles Hobos would walk miles between towns, sometimes hitching a ride on the rails, always looking for sustainable work.

Source Hobo symbol meanings 1- 20 Kind lady lives here. Hobos who found or left this mark could rely on a bite to eat with nothing expected in return.

Man with gun lives here. This symbol warned hobos that knocking on the door or even stepping on the property of this man would be met with a show of hostility.

Move quickly, move on. Sometimes by choice hobos would allow themselves to be put in situations that would earn them jail time in the hopes of getting out of foul weather or for a meal or two.

Not a good lodging choice.

Hobos the great american men essay

Okay to sleep in barn. There were many variations of this symbol but should a hobo discover one, they would know that either by sneaking or asking permission, the barn or hayloft was a good place to sleep or escape foul weather.

Finding this sign at a hobo camp or a meeting spot indicated that theft was suspected among them. Keep any of your belongings close to you at all times especially while sleeping.

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Good water, good place to camp. Miles between towns were often many. It could take days to reach your next destination. Finding a safe place to camp undisturbed that had good clean water nearby and had plenty of firewood made the perfect camp.

Finding this symbol was a relief, especially after a long walk. Be prepared to defend yourself.

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Coming across this symbol, a hobo would make sure that he stayed alert for aggressive behavior amongst other hobos or in areas that frowned upon them. Any sign of cowardness was an indicator that you were easily overcome and either robbed or abused.

Crooked man lives here. Hobos sometimes found that a homeowner or a business would invite them to work or feed them but after serving, would be quickly run away with no payment of any kind. Observance of a man who was abusive to his children or witnessing a deceptive behavior would also be disserving of this symbol being posted near the location to warn others.

Hobos the great american men essay

Tell a pitiful story. Experienced hobos with a bit of acting skills could easily manipulate potential marks by telling a hard luck story or assuming a pitiful look.

This worked especially well for child, female, and teen hobos. Many times police and town officials were outwardly and physically aggressive towards any hobo regardless of his actions.

In some cases this was purposefully done to arrest and put the hobo to work for free.Hobos on the trains during the Great Depression There is a man who is tired, hungry, jobless The box car is full with many other men, teenage boys and some women riding with him.

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Of Mice and Men is set during the Great Depression, when hobos traveled across the United States. In the Show More. Submitted by: zapitlopez Explain How The Idea Of The American John Steinbeck And The Themes Portrayed Of Mice And Men;/5(1).

Jan 25,  · Great place for a handout: Homeowners who were perplexed by the increased numbers of hobos knocking on their back door, were sure to find a symbol like this close to their property.

Hobos would share their wealth by letting others know that this was a great source for a meal or rutadeltambor.coms: A comprehensive historical examination of the American hobo phenomenon with focus on hoboes and subtypes (e.g., jockers, moochers, thieves) of the Great Depression era. Topics also include Chicago, the work of Dr.

Ben L Reitman, Nels Anderson, the I.W.W., life on the road. Great Depression Fact 2: The Great Depression was aptly named reflecting both the long and severe recession in the American economy and the feelings of dejection and despair experienced by the American people.

Great Depression Fact 3: The Great Depression began with the Wall Street Crash in October Just six months before, on March 4, , Republican President Herbert Hoover, riding .

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