Compare contrast essay salsa and merengue

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Compare contrast essay salsa and merengue

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Cheers - Binksternet talk BASED on african dances? And as far as I know, candombe comes from Uruguay. There might be struggles between where mate, alfajores, best meat or tango is from, but candombe is clearly from Uruguay and also way more popular there.

So what if this guy was afro argentine, or this other composer Later they would incorporate other elements European Origin. So yes we would not say they are "pure african" dances, but the origins were African. If you so want it to be included, reformulate it and add it where it belongs, not in the first paragraph to make a first eye impression of the african origin.

Recent edits seek to erase these referenced sources. Certainly it is true the dance and the music have much to do with Western forms, but erasing all trace of African origin ignores mainstream source material.

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We can't write the article without reference to mainstream research. XGustaX who has been trying to overly europeanize Argentine history and culture.

He has been blocked indefinitely but he uses his sockpuppets to rewrite the article every now and then. It is fundamentally wrong to state that the origins of Tango can be found in Africa. Argentina and Africa are so far apart as computers from mountain flowers.

Please stop "africanising" Argentina. Simply because to do so, is historically, socially and factually wrong. I am from Buenos Aires and I can play and dance Tango. My family comes from San Juan y Boedo. I also lived in Africa for a year and study some history.

You can read the book of Horacio Salas, great source of info. There is seem to be some problems here,but I guess we can't expect more from a web source? First is that nobody talks about the genocide of black people in the land that is now know as Argentina.

Thousands killed fighting in the front lines in many independence and civil wars.

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The lack of knowledge of Africa seems big. Anyone that have some real knowledge of African music,can heard the origin of the candombe and milongas in them. For instance go and find some music from the the West African Coast.

Compare contrast essay salsa and merengue

Tango is a fusion of cultures, and we can't simplify and say is of African origin, that would be not serious.A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "contrast" - from the website. Composed primarily of variety of music, Afro-Cuban jazz including the more popular ones in contemporary times are salsa, cha cha cha and merengue.

The collaboration of Gillespie with Bauza during the time of bebop also ushered the era of Afro-Cuban jazz. Romeo and Juliet: The Theme of Love in Literature and the Arts: Subject:ESL transitional.

These notes help them complete future assignments (such as compare and contrast essays) and are part of the class evaluation. See the attachment for an example of a Note Sheet to use with your class. Example: merengue is the music of Dominican.

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band 6 essays; long word essay; buy papers online cheap; Texting And Driving Essay. Where is Salsa originated? Salsa is believed to come from various different sources. It's been said that Salsa is the music of Puerto Rico. Others talk of its roots in African rhythms, Spanish lyrics, Cuban street bands, Caribbean song and dance styles and Latin American jazz.3/5(4).

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