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It was at a cemetery where some of those Bbc business report podcast war dead were buried.

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He skipped it, thanks to a little uncomfortable rain, and came late for the second of those events at the Suresnes American Cemetery just outside Paris this time complaining publicly about the rain. As TomDispatch regular Rajan Menon reminds us today, such acts brought a good deal of derision upon the president in Europe and here or rather in the world of everywhere that we know as the Internet.

The president was absent for a reason he was far too brave to publicize: So give him credit for silent heroism. Okay, I admit it. Check him out and, in doing so, be reminded that a future Trumpian world increasingly looks like no laughing matter. This makes the Paris drama worth revisiting.

They seem set to gain between 35 and 40 seats a few contests remain undecidedincluding in places Trump carried decisively in The prospect of subpoenas demanding his tax returns and documents relating to his business deals among other things and the possibility of impeachment, even if not conviction in the Senate, are enough to worry a man who spends most of his time thinking about himself.

Whitaker was a safe choice; his opposition to the Mueller probe was already well established. Given his burden of worries, then, Trump had good reason to regard his Paris trip, planned well in advance, as an opportunity to escape Washington and revel in the pomp and pageantry that mark presidential trips abroad.

This one, however, turned out to be anything but a pleasant distraction because, once again, Donald Trump proved to be not only his own best friend, but also his own worst enemy. A PR Debacle in Paris No sooner had Air Force One touched down in Paris than the president in his usual fashion made news, drawing attention to his impulsiveness, his vindictiveness, and his contempt for facts.

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The medium -- no surprise here -- was his cherished political weapon, Twitter, from which he seems no more capable of separating himself than a melting-down child can from his pacifier or favorite stuffed animal.

Trump on Twitter is Trump in the raw: He did urge Europeans to become more independent militarily and more generally reduce their dependence on Washington. Trump himself had long demanded just that.

He did so even before becoming the Republican presidential nominee and has never stopped since.

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He complains continually that NATO states are ripping off America, devoting less of their gross domestic product to military expenditures than does the United States, while leaving it to Uncle Sam to protect them.

He did, in fact, mention the United States while discussing the threats anti-democratic movements and radical nationalism posed to the continent.

bbc business report podcast

That agreement holds the singular distinction of having eliminated an entire category of nuclear arms -- about 2, missiles -- thereby reducing the chances that the two Cold War superpowers would turn Europe into a nuclear battleground. Bolton has long opposed the treaty and his appointment probably sealed its fate.

The administration withdrew from the agreement without any serious consultations with European allies, despite its obvious importance to them.

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Give the president credit for consistency, though. Though he routinely flaunts his patriotism and reverence for the U. But presidential trips always have a Plan B for just such contingencies and Aisne is only about 50 miles from Paris. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even paid homage to the Canadian dead at a burial site slightly more than miles from the French capital, also in the rain.

Trump later visited an American military cemetery near the city, but the damage was done. The criticism came fast and furious -- and, adding insult to injury, largely via Twitter.

Bush, reacted to a photo of world leaders walking together without Trump in attendance with this:Marketplace Morning Report airs weekdays at am, am, am, and am.

Marketplace Tech Report airs weekdays at am. StarDate airs every day at pm. All times listed are in. The latest business and finance news from around the world, on the BBC. The Julian Assange extradition case has put Sweden's relatively high incidence of rape under the spotlight.

But can such statistics be reliably compared from one country to another? Which two. Enjoy BBC audio on the move - a wide range of programmes and highlights are available as podcasts for you to download for free.

Marketplace Morning Report airs weekdays at am, am, am, and am. Marketplace Tech Report airs weekdays at am. StarDate airs every day at pm. All times listed are in. Image caption They promise "frank, funny and fearless conversations".

The daring duo were keen to explore issues surrounding body image and nudity for their podcast, which is released by BBC.

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