An analysis of barbarity in barn burning by william faulkner

They may well be the most popular form of amateur history.

An analysis of barbarity in barn burning by william faulkner

Hindraf — Happy 3rd Anniversary of Political Awakening my Comrades Hindraf — Happy 3rd Anniversary of Political Awakening my Comrades Three years has passed since that historical mass rally of Hindraf on the 25 November which disturbed the central nerve system of the Malaysian government, denying two-thirds majority to the UMNO tyranny, in the following general election a year later.

Tens of thousands of us, the worst discriminated, oppressed, suppressed and ill-treated citizens of this country, converged in the heart of KL despite the numerous warnings, intimidations, threats, riot police and chemical water cannons… Nothing stopped us as we were determined to be there at any cost to send a clear message to the political tyrant called UMNO that we will no more put up with their 53 years of nonsense, injustice, discrimination, marginalization and political carnage, slowly massacring the minority Indians from this land.

It was a rally of rude awakening and political resonance! We made our voices heard! We woke not only the Indians up, but the whole nation, from their deep slumber, that the UMNO tyranny had to be fought, defeated and buried. Us, the Indians, well known for our loyalty and obedience to the ruling government, in the aftermath, defied all attempts by the government to continue to mislead us, to cognitively manipulate us and to further enslave and dehumanize us by denying them the two third majority in the 12th general election.

We did what no one else dared to do and what was thought impossible. It was both remarkable and phenomenal. We were there is absolute unity and the spirit of brotherhood as Indians. We were there for the sole purpose of fighting for our equal rights as lawful citizens of this country!

We were there that one day this beloved country of ours, a country sweltering with the heat of injustice, racism, oppression and discrimination, will be transformed into an oasis of equal rights and justice! We were there because we wanted our children, one day, to live in a nation where they will not be segregated and discriminated based on their skin colour, race and religion, but respected for the content of their character, the values they live, their love for the country, their contribution to the nation, their performance in education, their accomplishments in career, etc!

That day, when we dispersed, we may have headed home to different corners in the country.

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Nevertheless, wherever we are today, our spirits are still high and our battle will go on until the day justice is served to us. The spirit of Hindraf will never die until all the 18 point demands which are indeed our rights, blatantly denied, are fulfilled by the government! Today, two years after coming into power, the PR coalition, in whom we trusted and for whom we gave our votes, are playing games with us.

Pieces of land worth millions are given to Chinese and Malay schools, never to Tamil schools. Chinese schools are getting millions but the Tamil schools are merely getting one or two thousands.

The Malays and Chinese get house grants, but the Indian villages and settlements get demolished. Other places of worship are preserved and maintained, but our temples destroyed! Indian boys shot dead like stray dogs and labeled criminals by the police, is no issue, whereas, should the same happen to the Malays or Chinese, there is always an uproar and attempt to table a motion in Parliament to debate the issue.

When deserving brilliant Indian students are denied entries into universities, scholarships and study loans, it is no issue. Sadly, we have realized that they are only interested in power, fame and money! No one, no one politician, in BN or PR care for us and our well-being!

We need to battle it ourselves!

An analysis of barbarity in barn burning by william faulkner

How do we do that? The path has been laid by the leader of Hindraf, P Waythamoorthy! And today, we have Mr P. Uthayakumar through the Human Rights Party to lead us in the path of equal rights and justice! Please be very vigilant my comrades!It's not an in-depth analysis of human action in the midst of horrible conditions.

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An analysis of barbarity in barn burning by william faulkner

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